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Enjoy, and refresh the page often!

Two-wing silverbell

Halesia diptera

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Early Saxifrage

Micranthes virginiensis [= Saxifraga virginiensis]


Blackgum, Black Gum, Black Tupelo, Sourgum, Pepperidge, Tupelo Gum

Nyssa sylvatica


Celandine-poppy, Yellow Wood Poppy

Stylophorum diphyllum

Carolina Rhododendron, Punctatum

Rhododendron carolinianum

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Green Hawthorn, Southern Hawthorn

Crataegus viridis

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Carolina Hemlock

Tsuga caroliniana

Rose Pink, Bitter-bloom, Bitterbloom, Common Marsh-pink, Common Centaury

Sabatia angularis


Bearcorn, Cancer Root

Conopholis americana


Swamp Azalea, Clammy Azalea

Rhododendron viscosum

Possumhaw Holly, Possum-haw

Ilex decidua var. decidua

Fragrant Ladies'-tresses, Marsh Ladies'-tresses, Ladies' Tresses

Spiranthes odorata


Carolina Wild Indigo

Baptisia cinerea [= Baptisia villosa]

Leatherwood, Leatherbark, Wicopy, Wicopee, Rope-bark

Dirca palustris


Wild Potato-vine, Wild Sweet Potato, Manroot, Man-of-the-earth

Ipomoea pandurata

Witherod Viburnum, Northern Wild-raisin, With-rod, Shawnee Haw

Viburnum cassinoides [=Viburnum nudum var. cassinoides]

Southern Blue Monkshood, Eastern Blue Monkshood, Appalachian Blue Monkshood

Aconitum uncinatum


Silver Plume Grass, Foxtail Plume-grass

Erianthus alopecuroides [= Saccharum alopecuroides]

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Red Fescue

Festuca rubra ssp. rubra [= Festuca rubra]

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Musk Mallow, Rose Mallow

Malva moschata


Anise-root, Sweet Cicely, Smooth Sweet Cicely, Longstyle Sweetroot, Licorice Root, Wild Anise

Osmorhiza longistylis


Eastern Oxeye, Eastern Sunflower-everlasting, Smooth Oxeye,

Heliopsis helianthoides var. helianthoides

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Mistflower, Ageratum, Hardy Ageratum, Blue Boneset

Conoclinium coelestinum [= Eupatorium coelestinum]

Crested Coralroot, Crested Coral-root, Brunetta

Hexalectris spicata


Partridge-berry, Twinberry, Running Box, Pigeon Plum

Mitchella repens

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