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Plants listed alphabetically by scientific names starting with the letter s.
Thumbnail Common name,
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Scientific name Native / Alien (1)
image Climbing Aster Ampelaster carolinianus [= Aster carolinianus] NC Native
image Slender Fragrant Goldenrod, Slender Goldentop Euthamia caroliniana [= Euthamia tenuifolia, Solidago tenuifolia] NC Native
image Eastern Solomon's-plume, False Solomon's-seal, Feathery False Lily-of-the-valley Maianthemum racemosum ssp. racemosum [= Smilacina racemosa] NC Native
image Golden Ragwort, Golden Groundsel, Heartleaf Ragwort, Butterweed Packera aurea [= Senecio aureus] NC Native
image Schweinitz's Ragwort, Schweinitz's Groundsel Packera schweinitziana [= Senecio schweinitzianus] NC Native
image Dwarf Palmetto, Blue Stem Palmetto Sabal minor NC Native
image Cabbage Palmetto Sabal palmetto NC Native
image Rose Pink, Bitter-bloom, Bitterbloom, Common Marsh-pink, Common Centaury Sabatia angularis NC Native
image Duck Potato, Bulltongue Arrowhead Sagittaria lancifolia var. media [= Sagittaria falcata] NC Native
image Giant Arrow Leaf Sagittaria montevidensis Not Native to US
image Lyreleaf Sage, Lyre-leaf Sage Salvia lyrata NC Native
image Common Elderberry Sambucus canadensis NC Native
image Bloodroot, Red Puccoon Sanguinaria canadensis NC Native
image Yellow Pitcherplant Sarracenia flava NC Native
Mountain Sweet Pitcherplant Sarracenia jonesii NC Native
image Hooded Pitcherplant Sarracenia minor var. minor NC Native
Green Pitcherplant Sarracenia oreophila NC Native
Southern Appalachian Purple Pitcherplant, Huntsman's Cups, Sidesaddle Flytrap, Frog's Britches Sarracenia purpurea var. montana NC Native
Northern Purple Pitcherplant Sarracenia purpurea var. purpurea US Native
image Southern Purple Pitcherplant, Pitcher-plant Sarracenia purpurea var. venosa NC Native
image Sweet Pitcherplant, Red Pitcherplant, Sweet Pitcher-plant Sarracenia rubra ssp. rubra NC Native
image Catesby's Hybrid Pitcherplant, Pitcher-plant Sarracenia X catesbaei {S. flava X S. purpurea} NC Native
image Sassafras, White Sassafras, Ague Tree, Sassy Tree Sassafras albidum NC Native
image Cut-leaf Grape Fern, Dissected Grape Fern Sceptridium dissectum [= Botrychium dissectum] NC Native
image Helmet Skullcap, Helmet Flower, Common Large Skullcap Scutellaria integrifolia NC Native
image Mountain Stonecrop, Wild Stonecrop, Woodland Stonecrop Sedum ternatum NC Native
image Shortia, Oconee Bells Shortia galacifolia NC Native
image Royal Catchfly Silene regia S.E. Native
image Starry Campion, Widow's Frill Silene stellata NC Native
image Fire-pink, Fire Pink, Scarlet Catchfly Silene virginica var. virginica NC Native
image Kidney-leaf Rosinweed, Rosinweed Silphium compositum NC Native
image Compass Plant Silphium laciniatum S.E. Native
image Prairie Rosinweed, Prairie Dock, Prairie-dock Silphium terebinthinaceum NC Native
image Narrowleaf Blue-eyed grass Sisyrinchium angustifolium NC Native
image Fairy Stars, Lawn Blue-eyed Grass, Annual Blue-eyed Grass Sisyrinchium rosulatum NC Native
image Bearsfoot, Leafcup Smallanthus uvedalia [= Smallanthus uvedalius] NC Native
image Coral Greenbriar, Red-berried Swamp Smilax Smilax walteri NC Native
image Axillary Goldenrod, Bluestem Goldenrod, Wreath Goldenrod Solidago caesia var. caesia NC Native
image Graceful Goldenrod, Virginia Goldenrod, Southern Bog Goldenrod, Solidago gracillima NC Native
image Yadkin River Goldenrod, Plumed Goldenrod Solidago plumosa NC Native
image Indian Pink, Woodland Pinkroot, Pinkroot, Wormgrass Spigelia marilandica NC Native
Short-lipped Ladies'-tresses, Texas Ladies'-tresses, Ladies' Tresses Spiranthes brevilabris S.E. Native
image Nodding Ladies'-tresses, Ladies' Tresses Spiranthes cernua NC Native
Eaton's Ladies'-tresses, Ladies' Tresses Spiranthes eatonii NC Native
Florida Ladies'-tresses, Ladies' Tresses Spiranthes floridana NC Native
image Southern Slender Ladies'-tresses, Ladies' Tresses Spiranthes lacera var. gracilis NC Native
image Northern Slender Ladies'-tresses, Ladies' Tresses Spiranthes lacera var. lacera NC Native
Lace-lip Ladies'-tresses, Ladies' Tresses Spiranthes laciniata NC Native
image Giant Spiral Orchid, Long-lipped Ladies'-tresses, Ladies' Tresses Spiranthes longilabris NC Native
image Shining Ladies'-tresses, Ladies' Tresses Spiranthes lucida NC Native
image Yellow Nodding Ladies'-tresses, Ladies' Tresses Spiranthes ochroleuca NC Native
image Fragrant Ladies'-tresses, Marsh Ladies'-tresses, Ladies' Tresses Spiranthes odorata NC Native
image Oval Ladies'-tresses, Lesser Ladies'-tresses, October Ladies'-tresses, Ladies' Tresses Spiranthes ovalis var. erostellata NC Native
image Grass-leaved Ladies'-tresses, Greenvein Ladies'-tresses, Giant Ladies'-tresses, Ladies' Tresses Spiranthes praecox NC Native
Woodland Ladies'-tresses, Pale Green Ladies'-tresses, Ladies' Tresses Spiranthes sylvatica NC Native
Little Ladies'-tresses, Little Pearl-Twist, Ladies' Tresses Spiranthes tuberosa NC Native
image Twisted Ladies'-tresses, Spring Ladies'-tresses, Ladies' Tresses Spiranthes vernalis NC Native
image Star Chickweed, Common Starwort, Giant Chickweed, Great Chickweed. Stellaria pubera NC Native
image Featherbells Stenanthium gramineum NC Native
image Silky Camellia, Virginia Stewartia Stewartia malacodendron NC Native
image Pineland Scalypink, Coastal Plain Wireplant Stipulicida setacea NC Native
image Rosy Twisted-stalk, Eastern Rose Mandarin, Eastern Twisted-stalk Streptopus lanceolatus var. lanceolatus [= Streptopus roseus] NC Native
image Eastern Silvery Aster Symphyotrichum concolor var. concolor [= Aster concolor] NC Native
image Blue Wood Aster, Heart-leaved Aster, Broad-leaf Aster Symphyotrichum cordifolium [= Aster cordifolius] NC Native
image Big-Headed Aster, Wild Blue Aster, Large-flowered Aster Symphyotrichum grandiflorum [= Aster grandiflorus] NC Native
image Common Clasping Aster, Late Purple Aster Symphyotrichum patens var. patens [= Aster patens] NC Native
image Hairy White Oldfield Aster, Frost Aster Symphyotrichum pilosum var. pilosum [= Aster pilosus var. pilosus] NC Native
image Rigid Whitetop Aster Symphyotrichum retroflexum [= Aster curtisii] NC Native
image Skunk Cabbage Symplocarpus foetidus NC Native
image Horsesugar, Common Sweetleaf Symplocos tinctoria NC Native

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