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Plants listed alphabetically by scientific names starting with the letter m.
Thumbnail Common name,
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Scientific name Native / Alien (1)
image Pinesap, Yellow Pinesap, False Beechdrops Hypopitys monotropa [= Monotropa hypopithys] NC Native
image Carolina Birds-in-a-nest, Carolina Bogmint, Carolina Macbridea, Macbridea Macbridea caroliniana NC Native
image Southern Magnolia, Bull Bay Magnolia grandiflora NC Native
image Big Leaf Magnolia, Large-leaved Cucumber Tree Magnolia macrophylla NC Native
image Northern Sweet Bay, Sweetbay Magnolia, Swampbay, Swamp Magnolia, Sweet Magnolia Magnolia virginiana var. virginiana NC Native
image Eastern Solomon's-plume, False Solomon's-seal, Feathery False Lily-of-the-valley Maianthemum racemosum ssp. racemosum [= Smilacina racemosa] NC Native
Appalachian Adder's-mouth, Bayard's Adder's-mouth Orchid Malaxis bayardii NC Native
image Florida Adder's-mouth, Florida Adder's Mouth Malaxis spicata NC Native
image Green Adder's-mouth, Green Adder's Mouth Malaxis unifolia NC Native
image Musk Mallow, Rose Mallow Malva moschata Not Native to US
image Grassleaf Barbara's-button Marshallia graminifolia NC Native
image Ostrich Fern Matteuccia struthiopteris var. pensylvanica US Native
image Meehan's Mint, Creeping Mint, Meehania Meehania cordata NC Native
image Cow-wheat, Common Cow-wheat, Appalachian Cow-wheat, Narrowleaf Cow-wheat Melampyrum lineare NC Native
image Virginia Bluebells, Virginia Cowslip Mertensia virginica NC Native
image Branch-lettuce, Brook Lettuce, Mountain Lettuce, Lettuceleaf Saxifrage Micranthes micranthidifolia [= Saxifraga micranthidifolia] NC Native
image Eastern Swamp Saxifrage Micranthes pensylvanica [= Saxifraga pensylvanica] NC Native
image Early Saxifrage Micranthes virginiensis [= Saxifraga virginiensis] NC Native
image Partridge-berry, Twinberry, Running Box, Pigeon Plum Mitchella repens NC Native
image Miterwort Mitella diphylla NC Native
image Basil Bergamot, White Bergamot, Basil Beebalm Monarda clinopodia NC Native
image Bee-balm, Oswego Tea, Scarlet Beebalm, Red Bergamot Monarda didyma NC Native
image Eastern Horse-mint, Spotted Horsemint, Spotted Beebalm, Monarda punctata NC Native
image Indian Pipes, One-flowered Indian-pipes Monotropa uniflora NC Native
image Wax Myrtle, Southern Bayberry, Candleberry, Tallow Shrub Morella cerifera [= Myrica cerifera] NC Native
image Dwarf Wax-myrtle, Dwarf Bayberry Morella pumila [= Myrica cerifera var. pumila] NC Native
image Hairy Lipfern Myriopteris lanosa [= Cheilanthes lanosa] NC Native
image Woolly Lippfern Myriopteris tomentosa [= Cheilanthes tomentosa] NC Native
image Minniebush, Hairy Minnie-bush Rhododendron pilosum [= Menziesia pilosa] NC Native

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