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Gallery of Local Plants

This gallery is of plants you might see in your area, including some common roadside plants.

Some of these plants are native, some are alien (also called exotic).

A handful of the portrayed natives are rare in NC, having a state status of endangered, threatened, or special concern.

Many of the alien plants are invasive and merit attention.
Please avoid planting invasive species.

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Each plant has a portrait with descriptions, pictures, and links.

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Thanks to a spectacular array of photographs, we were able to put together a special view of native North Carolina orchids. Photos are used with permission of David R. McAdoo (ncorchid @ and other society members. Thank you very much! :)

Below is a movie that Susan Sunflower made of a bee getting out of gentian flower (Gentiana Latidens) at Wolf Mt. overlook MP 425+ on the Blue Ridge Parkway.