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Plant Details

Erigeron strigosus var. strigosus

Common Rough Fleabane, Lesser Daisy Fleabane, Slender Daisy-fleabane

Scientific Name:

Erigeron strigosus var. strigosus



Species Epithet:

strigosus var. strigosus

Common Name:

Common Rough Fleabane, Lesser Daisy Fleabane, Slender Daisy-fleabane

Plant Type


Life Cycle

Annual (Herbs Only), Biennial

Plant Family

Asteraceae (Aster Family)


NC Native

Invasive Status:



1-3 ft., 3-6 ft.

Bloom Color(s):

White, Pink, Yellow


Sun - 6 or more hours of sun per day, Part Shade - 2 to 6 hours of sun per day

Soil Moisture:

Dry, Moist

Bloom Time:

April, May, June, July, August, September, October

Growing Area:

Mountains, Piedmont, Sandhills, Coastal Plain

Habitat Description:

Roadsides, disturbed areas; open woodlands. Common throughout NC.

Leaf Arrangement:

Alternate, Basal

Leaf Retention:


Leaf Type:

Leaves veined, not needle-like or scale-like

Leaf Form:


Life Cycle:

Annual (Herbs Only), Biennial

Wildlife Value:

Has some wildlife value

Landscape Value:

Not Recommended for home landscapes

State Rank:

S5: Secure (*Key)

Global Rank:

G5 - Secure (*Key)

1/2" to 3/4" flower heads, with 50 to 100 white to pinkish rays and yellow disks; stem leaves not clasping and stem hairs lie close to the stem

Forsyth Co., NC

The Scientific Name is Erigeron strigosus var. strigosus. You will likely hear them called Common Rough Fleabane, Lesser Daisy Fleabane, Slender Daisy-fleabane. This picture shows the 1/2

Lisa Lofland Gould


USDA PLANTS Database Record

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