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The Green Swamp and Boiling Spring Lakes

Sponsored by the Southeast Coast chapter

Saturday, August 14, 2010

a walk through the longleaf pine savanna and pocosin of the Green Swamp followed by a walk around Boiling Spring Lakes

Heading out for a walk with David McAdoo, native orchid expert

The Green Swamp

Ludwigia virgata

slender seed-box between the evergreen leaves of Ilex glabra, inkberry

Xyris sp.

yellow-eyed grass

this long-horned flower beetle has some appetite!

Carphephorus sp.


I'm up here!

Lobelia sp.

Pinus palustris

longleaf pine in a fire-maintained community shown at various stages of development

Nyssa biflora?


the thick leaves are fuzzy on the underside

Hypericum reductum

Atlantic St. Johnswort

Rhexia alifanus

smooth meadow-beauty or savanna meadow-beauty

can you spot the green lynx spider in this photo?

Crossing the pocosin

Clethra alnifolia in bloom

Making our way through the pine savanna

Valerie spots an orange milkwort, Polygala lutea

and hiding underneath are venus flytraps!

Polygala lutea

flower head of the orange milkwort

basal leaves

grass stage of longleaf pine flanked by inkberry, Ilex glabra

this evergreen shrub, Ilex glabra, is very abundant in the Green Swamp

Marshallia graminifolia

grassleaf Barbara's-buttons (and hidden predator)

Eupatorium sp

Sarracenia purpurea

purple pitcher plant with foxtail clubmoss, Lycopodium alepecuroides

Esther spots a yellow fringed orchid

Platanthera ciliaris

Sarracenia flava

yellow pitcher plant; trumpets

Sarracenia minor

hooded pitcher plant

Dionaea muscipula

Venus flytrap and lichen Cladonia sp.

Ctenium aromaticum

toothache grass in a "field" of wire grass, Aristida stricta

Polygala sp.

maybe P. brevifolia, shortleaf milkwort?

note persistent flower bracts; leaves of the main node appear to be whorled

Platanthera cristata

yellow-crested orchid

Consulting field guides

Transition zone

what a sharp transition! reflective of a change in the underlying soil composition

Aletris farinosa. ?


Eryngium integrifolium

Polygala ramosa

low pinebarren milkwort

Eriocaulon sp.

pipewort; hatpins

close-up of the flower head

Magnolia virginiana

sweet bay

Drosera sp.


Tofieldia sp.

false asphodel?

Hypericum setosum

hairy St. John's-Wort

Hypericum stans

also Hypericum crux-andreae; St. Peter's-wort

Rhexia alifanus

smooth meadow-beauty with crab spider

crab spiders, disguised as part of the flower, lay in wait for their prey

Family Fabaceae

Hypericum gentianoides


Clethra alnifolia

sweet pepperbush (it does smell sweet!)

Cyrilla racemiflora

titi; leatherwood

en route to Boiling Spring Lakes along 211

sweet bay

Gordonia lasianthus

Flowering vine

w/ another hidden Green Lynx

A ditch-full of surprises

Drosera intermedia

Habenaria repens

water-spider orchid

More carnivorous plants

bladderwort (Utricularia sp.), also shown below, and sundew (Drosera sp.)

Roadside attraction Boiling Spring Lakes

white fringed orchid and yellow-eyed grass; flytraps in background

Dionaea muscipula

Venus' Flytrap everywhere!

Platanthera blephariglottis

white-fringed orchid

on that note I’ll leave you until next time…THANK YOU to David McAdoo for being our fearless leader through the Green Swamp and Boiling Spring Lakes and introducing us to the beautiful native orchids of Brunswick County!

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