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Southeastern Community College and Lake Waccamaw

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Sunday, March 27, 2011

What a day! First we started off on the campus of SCC in Whiteville to tour the micro-propagation facility headed by Rebecca Westbrooks (what a treat!), then it was off to Lake Waccamaw for a lecture on invasive species given by Randy Westbrooks, and then a walk along the boardwalk at Lake Waccamaw with Ranger Chris Helms.

The pristine lab of Rebecca Westbrooks

plants can be cultured from roots, leaves or shoots depending on the plant

Baby Flytraps!

Carrots too!

A tissue culture success!

The Nursery

That's a sundew?!

Heading out on the trail at Lake Waccamaw

Bluebird at home

Lovely native azalea, and fragrant too!

Rhododendron atlanticum

Sassafras with new leaves

Sassafras albidum

Stubborn fern

Netted chainfern

Woodwardia areolata

Turkey Oak with new leaves and flowers

Quercus laevis

Red Maples

if there was ever any doubt as to why they are called red maples...

Acer Rubrum

Spring has definitely sprung!

Redbay, Persea palustris


Wild Olive

Osmanthus americana

Bald cypress

Taxodium distichum

Prickly-pear cactus in a recently controlled burn area

Opuntia compressa


Nymphaea odorata

Esther spots a gator at Lake Waccamaw

Thanks to everyone who made this trip possible—Special thanks to Rebecca and Randy Westbrooks for sharing their contributions to the Whiteville area and beyond and informing us about the management of invasive species! For more info see Southeast Exotic Pest-Plant Council.
Ranger Chris made our walk along the boardwalk at LWSP thoroughly enjoyable and informative! Visit Lake Waccamaw S.P.

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