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Pink Lady’s-slippers with the Davidson Lands Conservancy

Sponsored by the Southern Piedmont chapter

Sunday, May 04, 2014

Wildflower fans from the Southern Piedmont Chapter gathered to see the incredible display of Pink Lady’s-slipper orchids at a Conservancy property in the Piedmont. There were hundreds of orchids and some other cool finds, besides.

Lady's-slippers covering the forest floor

There were hundreds of orchids in these pine woods.

Pink Lady's-slippers Close Up

Clearer view of staminode (the sterile stamen) and labellum (the pouch).

Cypripedium acaule

Maple Eyespot Gall

The tie-dye look this maple leaf sports is caused by a tiny midge, the ocellate gall midge. It lays its eggs on the leaf causing galls to form, and later, due to substances the hatching maggots secrete, these interesting "eyes."

Will always gets the best shots

Beautiful foliage of Downy Rattlesnake-orchid

Goodyera pubescens

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