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Mellichamp Native Terrace

Sponsored by the Southern Piedmont chapter

Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Southern Piedmont Chapter got a preview of the new Mellichamp Native Terrace at UNC Charlotte on Sunday. Fortunately the weather decided to cooperate! Ed Davis, landscape architect for the project, gave the tour. The garden’s grand opening will be in Spring 2015.

Entrance to the McMillan Greenhouses and the starting point for a tour of the UNC Charlotte Botanical Gardens

The greenhouses and gardens at UNC Charlotte showcase plants from all over the world, but our group is headed to a special new addition, The Mellichamp Native Terrace.

Moon Gate at the entrance to the Asian Garden

Across the street from the greenhouses, through the Susie Harwood Garden and the Asian Garden …

… and Ed Davis pauses one last moment to answer a few questions ...


Ed explained that the idea—and he credited Lisa Tompkins from our chapter for originally suggesting this—is to demonstrate natives being used in a variety of garden situations, from formal to casual, and in different soil types, so that homeowners can see options that might work in their particular landscapes/gardens.


Scarlet Sage

Scarlet Sage (Salvia coccinea) was a highlight of the fall display. The plant selection here is exciting for any native plant enthusiast, but for gardeners there are lots of good ideas to take home as well. Many of the choices are featured in Dr. Mellichamp's book, Native Plants of the Southeast (Timber Press, 2014).

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