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Halyburton Park walk March 2010

Sponsored by the Southeast Coast chapter

Sunday, March 28, 2010

First meeting and walk of the SE Coast Chapter

Participants head off on a walk led by Andy Fairbanks

Andy Fairbanks introduces the group to the plants of a Xeric Sandhill community.

Turkey Oak, Quercus laevis, coming into bloom.

Ilex glabra, Gallberry, still holds its bitter drupe from the fall.

Litsea aestivalis, pondspice

pondspice is a rare deciduous shrub endemic to SE US Coastal Plain, note zigzag growth pattern of twigs

Kalmia carolina, southern sheepkill

aka carolina wicky and carolina-laurel

evergreen wetland shrub

Lyonia lucida, shining fetterbush

evergreen wetland shrub

Hypericum sp.

Pinus spp.

Pinus palustris (longleaf pine), left, Pinus serotina (pond pine), right

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