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Ev-Henwood Preserve

Sponsored by the Southeast Coast chapter

Sunday, May 16, 2010

UNCW’s Ev-Henwood Preserve

mesic mixed hardwood forest

Malaxis unifolia

green adder's mouth

orchid family

Loblolly Bay, Gordonia lasianthus, trunk

Vaccinium arboreum trunk

farkleberry; sparkleberry

tree-sized blueberry! (with beautiful red bark)

Hamamelis virginiana

witch hazel

Vaccinium arboreum?

V. arboreum is the latest blueberry to bloom in our region

Mitchella repens

partridge berry


Woodwardia areolata, netted chainfern

Woodwardia virginica, Virginia chainfern

Stewartia malacodendron


official plant of Ev-Henwood

Julie examining a leaf

and finding more than she bargained for :wow:

red jumping spider, Phiddipus whitmani

Vaccinium spp.

and more vaccinium



Lobelia nuttallii

Nuttall's lobelia

Cornus stricta

swamp dogwood

Packera anonyma

Small's ragwort

Diospyros virginiana


Triodanis perfoliata

Venus' looking glass

Styrax grandifolius

bigleaf snowbell

buck moth larva

This caterpillar gets the last bite :cheese:

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