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Carolina Beach State Park

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Sunday, April 25, 2010

A spring walk through a pine savanna/pocosin ecotone along the Venus Fly Trap Trail at Carolina Beach State Park

Lyonia mariana, staggerbush

Lyonia lucida, shining fetterbush

Lyonia lucida has thick evergreen leaves, as opposed to the deciduous leaves of L. mariana, as well as a lighter midrib and margins

Morella pumila, dwarf wax myrtle

Vaccinium sp.

Sarracenia flava, yellow trumpet pitcher plant

Gordonia lasianthus, loblolly bay, on the left?

Gaylussacia dumosa, dwarf huckleberry

Chrysopsis gossypina , woolly golden-aster or cottony goldenaster

syn: Heterotheca gossypina

Comparing Notes

Vaccinium stamineum, deerberry

Ilex coriacea, large gallberry or sweet gallberry

Cirsium sp.

Euphorbia ipecacuanhae, carolina ipecac

Cuscuta gronovii, dodder or love vine

parasitic annual herbaceous vine

Carphephorus paniculatus

Pityopsis graminifolia, narrowleaf silkgrass

Dionaea muscipula

what else did you expect to find on the Venus Fly Trap Trail?

last but certainly not long from Carolina Beach State Park!

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